Living a Balanced Orthodox Life

dragonThis is a great video by Fr. John Moses. He presents how to live a balanced life between Hyperdoxy and Amorphodoxy (which is the extreme opposite of a Hyperdox). I liked how he refers to slaying the dragon in your own heart. Gave me a lot to think about spiritually this morning. The world, our marriages, our families, our jobs can all be our monasteries. Great food for thought; give this a watch. And arise everyday to slay the dragon!


One thought on “Living a Balanced Orthodox Life

  1. Which part of you is going to “slay” the dragon, which is obviously also part of your indivisible body-mind-complex too.
    Meanwhile of course you are still all of the time being a sinner, or actively denying the Living Divine Reality.
    If you begin with the presumption of sin then on the collective level you will inevitably create a sin-saturated human world.
    Sin or the active denial of the Living Divine Reality is the worst cancer in the universe. It is the worst sickness. It is the most horrific diseaes. its implications cover the entirety of everyone’s life. The world is filled with its symptoms and reeks with its torments and potentials, coming from all directions, most of which people cannot even see.


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