Ecclesiology and Ideology

Eclectic Orthodoxy

When I wrote for my old Pontifications, I often blogged on ecclesiological topics. Ecclesiology had been a strong interest of mine for several years, especially after being introduced to the eucharistic ecclesiology of Met John Zizioulas. Back in the 90s I even dared to write an inconsequential article commending a kind of eucharistic ecclesiology for Anglicanism (“Being Church: Theological Theses on Parish and Diocese,” Sewanee Theological Review 37 [1994]: 54-69). Oh the arrogance of middle age!

When I started Eclectic Orthodoxy, I made a provisional decision to avoid ecclesiology, except when occasions invited reflection on eucharistic ecclesiology, which I still strongly affirm. Why the avoidance of ecclesiology? Because of all theological topics ecclesiology is the most susceptible to ideological construction. We tend to invent our understandings of Church in order to defend, advance, and secure our institutional and political agendas.

I thought of this when the Russian Orthodox Church released…

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One thought on “Ecclesiology and Ideology

  1. All ideas about God come from the separate and always separative sinful ego-“I”.Such ideas not only reflect the ego itself, but, altogether all ideas about God, being mere ideas, reinforce and console the state of separate and separative egoity, and in fact, subordinate the Living Divine Reality to the ego, the ego’s search and purpose. And in its collective form the poltical power seeking form of the collective ego.

    Leave God alone. Let God be. Allow God, the Reality and Power and Being in which the world and all beings arise and change and pass away, to be whatever God IS. It is impossible to know what God is or to gain power over what is All-Power.
    Simply surrender unconditionally to God. Yield the entire psycho-physical body-mind-complex into the Radiant Transcendental Being. Then there is only God-Realization, whereas, while you seek God (rather than surrender to God), there is only the experiencing, partial knowing, and fear-saturated mortal reluctance of a being trapped in the dilemma of its own mind created illusions and limitations.
    Simply to surrender is to enter into Freedom and Boundless Fullness.

    Therefore, leave God alone. Allow God to be what God is. Transcend the awful dilemma of the presumed independent and limited psycho-physical self. What you experience is simply more limits of the body-mind-complex. Simply surrender the body-mind-complex into That in which it is arising. Do this always and you will constantly be liberated and sublimed by Grace.


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