Are some people destined for hell no matter what?

“We are not told that God desires only some men to be saved or that He himself chooses to save some to eternity and to send others to eternal condemnation. NO! God desires ALL men to be saved. If you ever wonder where you stand with God, always bring this verse to mind. God isn’t hunting you down, trying to condemn you or punish or curse you. God hunts you only to find your heart. To bring you into an awesome relationship of unending love, because God is love. Salvation in the Orthodox understanding is the saving relationship between God and each human being. This relationship itself opens up the possibility of salvation because God Himself is our salvation and our life and we have no other.”

Out of Egypt..

*The reader is reminded that there is a distinct understanding of Hell in the Orthodox Christian tradition.  This tradition is based on the original Greek and Hebrew texts rather than faulty English translations.

The Reading from the First Epistle of St. Paul to St. Timothy 2:1-7

Today we are focusing on the Pauline epistle to St. Timothy. In this passage from St. Paul’s letter we heard these words “God our Savior, Who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” I love this verse. It reminds me that above all God is love. It is His very desire to see all men saved! It is His desire that each and every man, woman and child should know the truth about God’s love as He demonstrated it through His Son Jesus Christ. I am sorry to say that not all people believe that God…

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