The Need for One Thing (MiniBlog #5)

ImageI believe God intervened in my life today in a small, but encouraging way:

Today at work I was not really feeling all that excited about having to take 4 more hours of calls. Around 10 till 5, I honestly thought about going home because I was just emotionally drained from a number of things and pretty much just discouraged from a lot of things going on. I told myself, “I’ll take one more call and then go home.”

I took a call and did the whole routine of moving the guy’s policy to another state and that is when he mentioned he was headed to seminary. I told him I just graduated with a B.S. in Bible and Preaching/Church Leadership, and that I hope to go to seminary myself. He mentioned the name of the school, and I noted he was 41 and single, so I asked if he was Catholic and preparing for priesthood, which he was.

We had a very enjoyable conversation about icons and religious matters, but then I got curious and asked him about how he discerned his call and such being that he was 41 and going to seminary sort of late. He said it was a big can of worms, but that he was actually returning to seminary. He had left after two years when he was in his late 20s. He said he was not ready back then and needed to grow up some more.

He really encouraged me. I have been in that boat. It isn’t so much I want to be a priest right now, but discerning if I will be one period. I know I too am not ready at this point of being 26. It was encouraging to see someone being content with being 41 and going back to seminary.

What was even more of a weird act of Providence was that he was working in the mental health field and wanted to go into therapy, which is what I am contemplating now as well. We both believed it was not an accident that we got to speak on the phone today. I am thoroughly convinced it was a God-send for me to interact with him.

All around I did feel encouraged by him. He shared many encouraging things with me and gave me some great advice while sharing Scriptures with me. He told me he’d pray for me and asked for my prayers. I will definitely be praying for him and his future ministry as a Catholic priest.

I am grateful for his encouraging words and small witness of light in my life when I really needed. Now, I need to learn as Martha that there is need for just one thing in my life: Jesus Christ.

Grateful for this man’s encouragement and wisdom.

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