Compulsive Buying-Avoiding That Which Leads You to Act

Ancient Christian Wisdom

Compulsive buying is a psychological and a spiritual disorder that is symptomatic of a distorted and dysfunctional view of self, others, and the world around us.  The real danger in this disorder, besides the obvious social and financial ruin it can wreak, is the compulsivity with which it is practiced.  Compulsivity can easily become a way of living, a modus operandi for daily life if not checked and dealt with effectively.  In the next few posts, I will offer practical steps in dealing with compulsion.

For the fathers, passions and compulsions are related concepts that distort reality and make change difficult.  In Ancient Christian Wisdom, I describe passions as “a bad disposition of our inner man that is at the root of sinful thoughts and deeds.  If the classical Greek concept of the inner man overlaps with the modern psychological concepts of personality and consciousness, the passions can also…

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