A Night of Epic Proportions or (One of the Happiest Moments of my Life)

ImageAn old facebook note that for some reason was not part of my old blog, which was transferred over. I wanted to share these reflections from 3 years ago. Enjoy.

Last Thursday was a night of epic proportions. It was a grand event in my young life. An event worth blogging about surely. Last Thursday Will Fitzsimmons was in Knoxville for the third time. He was at The Square Room again.

I was super excited to see him for the third time and this time with my beautiful and lovely lady Courtney, whom I decided to brainwash months ago with the awesomeness that is William Fitzsimmons’ music.

Well, we left home that evening to go to the concert. We arrived at The Square Room and took our seats. I decided to venture to the merchandise table where William’s wife Erin was selling his shirts, albums, and such.

Now anyone who knows me knows I have 4 tattoos. 2 of which are influenced by William’s music. So I started talking to her about the new shirts while I got the idea to show her my forearm tattoo which has a lyric by William. It says, “Love can last if you only let it grow…” She was very impressed by that. Then I decided to show her my upper arm tattoo that contains the images off one of William’s shirts. His newest album is called The Sparrow and the Crow, and on my upper right arm I have a sparrow and a crow tattooed. She LOVED it so much she decided to take pictures and asked me my name.

So apparently she decided to tell William and show him the pics because something of grand proportions happened during the concert.


Now, some might say, “Whoopie! Who cares?” But I say I do! See, William Fitzsimmons is by far my favorite musician! So how many people can say that they got a song dedication to them in the middle of a concert by their favorite musician?

I was happy to say the least!

Anyways, back to the story.

William started explaining the story behind the song I Don’t Feel It Anymore (The Song of the Sparrow) and how for him the album wouldn’t be the same without that song. That it is the cornerstone of the album and everything he wanted to say is summed up in that song. But before he played it he said, “This is dedicated to a really cool guy named Jonathan with an awesome sparrow and crow tattoo on his upper arm.”

I decided to yell out, “Thank you!” To which he replied, “You’re welcome.” So since I had already made it known I was that really cool guy I yelled out, “I love you, man!” And he replied, “I love you too bro!”

So yes, it was a night of epic proportions. A night of happiness. One of the best nights of my life.

So if you haven’t heard of William Fitzsimmons before I highly recommend that if you have any bit of great musical taste in your bones to listen to him. If you appreciate fine art and amazing lyrics then I urge you to listen to “I Don’t Feel It Anymore“. And if you want to listen to his most fantastic song I suggest “Passion Play“.

Well, thanks for listening to the ramblings of a enduring fan. I look forward to Williams new album coming in the near future and to many more concert experiences.

DISCLAIMER: Pardon the pic of us from that night; it was before I decided to man up and grow an awesome man beard. Clearly Fitzsimmons inspired that too.

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