A Request for Prayer

ImageI am under a lot of stress and anxiety for some reason this semester, and I’m in a big rut. I guess it’s the stress of interviewing for grad school coming up soon and not knowing what the future holds combined with graduation being around the corner and that fear, albeit irrational, of not making it. I usually do not allow anxiety to get to me, but this semester it’s been a rough start. I haven’t been full time for a year, so I guess that is throwing me off too.

I am behind in reading, and really dropped the ball on the rough draft for my research paper, in APA format, for Ab. Psych. I am behind in reading for a few classes too.

Please keep me in your prayers. I would appreciate all the prayers you could offer up for me, please, dear friends.

I will get back on track! I take school very seriously, but I am battling some serious burnout I do believe. I am ready to be done with undergrad, to have 3 weeks off after graduation, and to begin a new, exciting journey into grad work if accepted. I made it this far, so I know the Lord will carry me through, but I would appreciate your prayers.

Thank you, all.

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