john pavlovitz

I have some bad news, friends: Our dirty little secret is out.

It’s not really surprising to most of you, when I say that pornography is ripping apart the marriages and homes of countless people, many of whom consider themselves Christians. It’s eroding the self-worth of young girls, contaminating the character of adolescent guys, and damaging families in ways that we really can’t overstate.

And much of it is about proximity and availability.

What people used to have to travel to seedy, poorly light storefronts for, is now as close as their smart phone browser. What once was only accessible in bad neighborhoods and dark alleys, is today only a click or two away from our bedrooms and offices.

The online community has placed us all in the middle of a continually-evolving toxic soup, of easily acquired graphic imagery, narcissistic social media sites, and incalculable amounts of sexual content. Couple…

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